Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kava Kava Kava

Prague Castle from Vinohrady (that's where Greg, Joel and I live).

On Friday morning, Greg and I set out with the intention of photographing Prague in the rare January sunshine. None of the photos in this post were a result of our efforts. We had a bit of a problem, you'll see. We weren’t more than five minutes out of the apartment when we happened upon a bar/theater/coffee shop that Greg had passed but never entered. We decided to step inside and check it out. To our amazement, the first scene from The Godfather was playing on the big screen TV. I’m not sure which one of us took the next step, but there was no question that we weren’t going to be taking any photographs for the next three hours.

Vltava River and VyŇ°ehrad (the prominent church left of the river) from St Vitus Cathedral.

Seeing as it was still before noon, we started with coffee. However, we quickly moved on to beer. As our consumption increased, so did our (over-) analysis of the movie. When the first film ended, we considered getting our check and actually taking some photos. Our bartender, also an avid fan of the films (or perhaps just sensing an opportunity to sell us more beer), moved quickly to begin the second film. After thinking about it for, oh, five seconds, we ordered more beer – we were in it for the long haul.

St Vitus Cathedral

At the end of the second film, we knew we had to leave. It was our job to buy the food for the night’s pizza party, which was starting in about 2 hours. The Godfather III would have to wait a couple more days.

St Vitus

I leave for New Zealand in two weeks. Before that happens, I’m hoping to get out of the city a couple more times to visit some of the breweries in the country, as well as to see more of Bohemia and Moravia. I’ve already visited Plzen, home of Pilsner-Urquell beer, and Karlstein, pictured in the previous blog entry. So little time…

Prague and Charles Bridge (upper right)

Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Vltava River.

St Vitus Cathedral from Charles Bridge.

Wenceslas Square. This is where we spent New Years Eve.

Wenceslas Square.

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Jon Boy said...

Pizza trumps Godfather III any day. They should have stopped at II.