Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Canterbury Tales

Christchurch Cathedral

The grapes continue to ripen, but the harvest has yet to begin. That means we still work normal hours and have weekends free. That in mind, a few of us took a trip down the east coast to Christchurch last weekend for the orientation week at Canterbury University. Initially we planned on going to an all-day concert on Sunday, but when it came down to it, sleeping and not spending $25 seemed like a much better idea.

Dave, Fran and me in Christchurch

Instead, we spent a couple of days in the second largest city in New Zealand. It felt like what I imagine a town in England to be like – well planned with Anglican churches and lots of gardens. Aside from being one of the flattest cities I’ve ever visited, it’s also one of the greenest. The two of these things together mean that you can never really see more than about 300 yards in any direction. That changes when you get to the Pacific, but the exchange (12 miles to the horizon, still straight, and all blue) isn’t all that great. However, the beach itself was pretty nice. Lots of sun, a bit of surfing, and a Frisbee made the afternoon perfect.

Port Hills

New Brighton beach

The following day we drove into the Port Hills south of town. They’re the only relief for miles, and they provide a striking view across the city and the Canterbury Plains west to the Southern Alps. It felt too early when we left Sunday evening, but the concurrent sunset over those mountains and moonrise over the sea were indescribable.

Canterbury Plains, Southern Alps

Dry run?

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Good to know you're alive and well.

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