Monday, February 04, 2008

Cause a scene

Last night a friend of mine showed me the website for a group based in NYC called Improv Everywhere. Their tagline, "We Cause Scenes," is fitting. Based around a smaller group of creative types, Improv Everywhere stages scenes all around the US (although mostly in NYC) with collaborating volunteers. Although they sometimes create more than a simple scene, most of their attempts at humor succeed, and hidden cameras capture much of the mayhem.

Although not nearly as cantankerous, a rather large group of my friends descended on Rocky Mountain NP in snowshoes and multiple cars to enjoy some winter scenes of our own on Saturday. About a mile or so from the Bear Lake trailhead, we found a cliff suitable for jumping with about 10' of snow as a landing. You can see a slideshow here at Andrew and Jessica's website.

First, thanks to Andy for setting up the festivities - I know we all had a great time. Second, I think we should create a few more scenes of our own. We're all close, it's easy to get together, and it doesn't always have to be a day-long event. For example, we could meet on a Monday night in the Highlands to bowl. It's only $7 for 3 hours, shoes included. Also, if anyone is interested in a camping trip this spring (think may/june), let us know.


Andrew said...

Fitzy I like the idea of getting together more often; and I really like some of the pictures you got. Talk to you soon.

Mike Flick said...

Bowling? Check.
Camping? Check.
Just let me know when and where!