Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Under- and Overestimation...

...and a new blog. First, I'm starting an additional blog. It'll chronicle my quest to run the San Francisco Marathon this summer, on 3 August. You can find it at www.runsanfran.wordpress.com. I'm giving Wordpress a try, just for kicks.

In case you're wondering, the fault caves in Clear Creek Canyon are a great way to spend an afternoon. I visited them with my friend John on Saturday, and despite having only one light (a big mistake), we had a helluvan adventure. The caves are deep and the passages between chambers - if you can call them that - are often narrow. At one point, for only a few seconds, I thought I might be stuck. The darkness was complete and seemed to weigh me down as I waited for John to pass the light. It was strange having my eyes open and sensing only absolute darkness.

There's no good way to describe the angle at which I'm crawling.

We learned it's good to wear long sleeves (the rocks can be sharp) and maybe gloves. A hat can be nice, but a light for each person is nearly essential. Bring a camera, the caves are better than expected.

It's nice to be back in the sun.

We spent the rest of the weekend catching up, snowboarding (I broke my snowboard and maybe the right side of my ass) and ended with the very over-hyped Coors Brewery Tour. I only realized half way through that I'd actually done it once before, back in 2002 (?). I have a bad memory, I'll admit, but I thought I would remember visiting the largest brewing facility in the world (their claim). My previous experience - redeemed only by our guide (who was a friend) - must not have been so great. This time, our guide was uninformed, unfunny, and generally unlikeable. But the free beer at the end wasn't too bad.


skmckay1983 said...

Go get 'em on the marathon. I took a peak at the schedule on your other blog. Very cool. It's a lot of miles, so prepare yourself mentally for those >40mile weeks because they'll be challenging. That schedule should have you very well prepared for the race. Most importantly, good luck and have fun in San Fran!

brett said...

Caving looks fun... If you're ever wanting to do it whilst I'm in town, I'd be up for it.

As you know, I'm pretty much up for any adventure at any time... but marathoning isn't one of them...

Good luck, though. That's a long way to run, and I respect ya for going for it.

Liz said...

next time you're in town check out the Golden City Brewery. It's well worth it and much much better than Coors.