Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you Facebook?

If so, read this.

If you want to delete your account - which is different than deactivating your account - read this.

And yes, I understand the irony of my posting this on the internet.

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brett Swanson said...

I don't know Fitzy - Facebook's all fine and dandy from my point of view.

I don't really see the negative outcomes of having my India pictures or some of my witty quips up on the internet...

I have a few pictures of myself drinking beer.

Which is fine, since I drink beer -

I have lots of campers as friends - I just put them on severely limited profile, so they can message me, IM me, and know that I still exist.

There are some legitimate privacy issues that people've raised a fuss over - and so far facebook's been pretty good about pulling back and addressing those concerns.

Like anything else in life, there are upsides and downsides and you can spend too much time doing it -

I find it a bit amusing that some who criticize Facebook call those on facebook narcissists, when they criticize it because they think everyone in the world is after their oh-so-important personal info.

Like where they partied two nights ago... Or whether they're a vampire or a werewolf.

I like the fact that everybody's doing it, which in a way makes everyone immune to any fallout from doing it.

I know for a fact that I, as an Assistant Director at Cheley, have been able to extend my skills as a unifier and community-builder because of facebook.

I've inspired old staff to return to camp - which will make my job a lot easier this summer, and planted seeds to remind people of how awesome the summer was.

Heck, our HR person's JOB is to be on facebook to communicate with staff - it makes her ability to reach a large group of people with the same message much, much easier.

Luddites out there talk about how soulless new forms of communication are - but they're more practical, expedient, and in-depth.

Keeping up with people on facebook has kept me much closer and in-the-know than writing a letter a year ever could.

I know I'm coming off as more of a facebook apologist than I intend to - but I also know that the media like to feed off of fear and paranoia, and that the rabid anti-bookite crowd often tends to be more about concerns over being anti-norm than about any real set of principles.

And norm was awesome on cheers. Who doesn't like norm??!?!