Monday, November 12, 2007

I'll get back to you as soon as possible

My blogs don't usually get too deep into what's really happening in my life, and this one won't be much of an exception.

Last weekend, Jacque and I went hiking up Bear Creek Canyon (in Mt Falcon Park) in search of what we'd heard was an old Elk's Lodge up a side canyon. After negotiating Bear Creek and hiking for a few minutes, we came upon the remains of what was listed in Jefferson County's anthropological register of the park as nothing more than "an unfinished homestead or other building." That's not exactly the analysis for which we'd hoped, but nonetheless, we had a great time on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

On Tuesday night, we saw Neil Young on his Chrome Dreams tour at the Wells Fargo Theater. It's an intimate 5,000 seat affair, but the sound quality was outstanding and Neil Young's doing alright, too. After seeing Bob Dylan a few times during the last five years, I expected a similar performance (old, decrepit, out-of-tune, unintelligible, difficulty moving on his own, etc.), but was blown away by his clarity - both physical and mental. The sets seemed to speak to my emotional state at the time - ah, the power of music.

set list

Yesterday I enjoyed my first "friendsgiving" with a few friends from college. Laura and Rachel, again, thanks. I'm sure everyone had a great time. Between flag football, guitar hero, beer pong and copious amounts of great food, how could you not? I'll be back next year...

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