Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Interim Nebraska AD Osborne fires Callahan"

It look less than 15 minutes, reports say. On a sunny Saturday morning, after leading Nebraska to two losing seasons out of his four coached at the university, Big Tom has sent Little Bill packing. Those two losing seasons were the first of their kind in more than 45 years for a football program that's fallen a long way during the last 10 years. And while many people believe the outcome of Friday's game could do nothing to change todays decision, Callahan didn't help his cause - even a little bit.

I witnessed Bill's last hoorah yesterday in Boulder. The game was covered on ABC, and to let you know the general sentiment, I saw people holding signs that read:


One of these signs was black and gold, the other red and white. I don't think very many people are upset about this one, including Callahan, who'll pick up a nice $3m + buyout for his troubles. Anyone interested in a new job?

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Andrew said...

I'd say we give Tom Osborne a call and send him our coaching resume. Who do you think they will hire?