Sunday, March 16, 2008

Casting a shadow

Over the last week or so I've been at a trailbuilding conference in Reno, Nevada. But before the conference, my co-worker Dave and I traveled to San Francisco to visit Julia and Greg, friends of mine from Nebraska. Our time in San Francisco was too short, but we were able to bar-be-que on the beach below the Golden Gate Bridge on a perfect Saturday afternoon and see the city the following day under cloudless skies.

Long's Peak and RMNP from the south.

We walked through Chinatown on our way north toward Fisherman's Wharf, stopping at the City Lights Bookstore, made famous by Jack Kerouac and numerous other Beat writers from the 60s.

Outside of the City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco.

We walked along the bay for a while toward the Presidio enjoying the sun and cool breeze while children chased kites in the park.

The National Trailbuilders Conference went well. Dave and I learned a lot about building trails in difficult terrain as well as the new challenges facing trailbuilders. We demoed new equipment, attended a number of seminars, and, oh yeah, gambled a bit.


Andrew said...

Sweet shots Fitzy. Can you please explain the significance of the title of this post?

Fitz said...

No, I cannot - but it does have significance.