Monday, March 24, 2008

What Customer Service Should Look Like

I visited my dentist today. I've been a customer for over two years. But my most recent problem started a couple of weeks ago when I noticed a loose tooth (it's a fake, by the way). I called on Saturday to let them know I needed to come in and get it re-glued soon. This morning I bit into a bagel, and my tooth came out in the tasty breakfast treat. I had a problem that needed to be fixed quickly.

My dentist had called already that morning, but I missed it - I was in a meeting. When I called back - tooth in hand - they listened and made an appointment for 1pm this afternoon.

When I arrived, we discussed my options: implant vs. new fake tooth vs. re-glue old fake tooth. I chose the last (and cheapest) option, and we took care of business. But while I was waiting for my tooth to be cleaned, I was trying to pick some pieces of cactus out of my hand (I'd fallen on one late last week, most of it's out, some of it's not) and my dentist offered to help me. It was obvious I was at a disadvantage trying to work on my own hand with a dull pair of tweezers, so he prepared sterile instruments and went to work, removing the nasty bit of cactus starting to fester in my thumb. Not pretty, and not an advertised service.

That's why I go to Bennett Dental, and that's why I'll continue to return. That's the power of customer service that goes beyond expectations. Do something you don't have to do for someone else, but something they will appreciate (and perhaps can't do as well as you on their own). If they're your friend, they'll never forget about it. And if they're a customer, they'll stay one (and tell their friends about you). Maybe they'll become both...

Also, a huge congratulations to Marcus and Lynn. I'm thrilled for you both, all my love.

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Amanda said...

and why is there not a picture of your tooth-less grin here!
i'm slightly disappointed