Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Denver International Conspiracy Theory

Now it's time for some fun. I'm not sure if any of you have heard of the litany of conspiracy theories surrounding Denver International Airport. They're wild and off-the-wall, but they're a lot of fun, too. They range from outer space communication site to head of the New World Order after the fall of mankind in the near future (2012?) to holding cell for half-reptilian, half-men creatures from the center of the earth.

I took these photos last week at Denver International Airport. They're the work of artist Leo Tanguma, and in his mind they in no way represent windows into a conspiracy theory future. Either way, they're undeniably strange, especially the one with the Army-of-Death soldier killing a dove.

There are other oddities at the airport, including the strange keystone with Mason-esque characteristics near something that looks like a giant spaceship remote control. We didn't have time to photograph this - or any of the other strange stuff - but if you want to read more, you can do it here in an article from Westword Magazine.


Bryce said...

Seriously creepy.

2 Margies 1 World said...

There's nothing creepy about these when you look at their counterparts. We defeated the Soldier of Death for World Peace. We overcame environmental crisis to be at peace and harmony with nature.

What's so creepy about that? They're an odd choice, but they make sense.