Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Autumn Film

On Wednesday night, I stopped by the Oriental Theater in Denver with some friends to see a local band called Paper Bird. They were entertaining, but I'd say their eclectic mix of folk-Americana and beautiful women was more of a one-time affair, even for the price ($11). However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear another Denver-area band, The Autumn Film, playing in the run-up to Paper Bird.

The Autumn Film are Tifah Al-Attas on vocals and keyboard (from which I think she simultaneously plays the bass line), Dann Stockton on percussion and Reid Phillips on what I'd describe as mostly rhythm guitar (with some additional keyboard on selected tracks). Imagine Amy Lee from Evanescene singing to a musical mix between Sigur Ros' driving rythms and Coldplay's piano-driven riffs, but without the Euro-wuss factor. Hmmm... Maybe it's just better if you listen to them. Click here to redirect to their free download page, where you can have 8 DRM-free tracks. Their homepage also streams a few tracks not available for free.

Anyway, I liked these guys enough to see them again last night at the Marquis Theater in Denver - that's where the pictures and video (pending) are from. Forgive the poor quality on the video, by the way, because the light was low and the microphone on my camera isn't really designed to pick up the bass coming from the venue's speakers. If you like them, they'll be playing at the Fox Theater in Boulder on 11 December (it's a Thursday night).

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