Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Democratic Party

Presidential Candidate: Barack Obama
Vice-Presidential Candidate: Joe Biden
Party Founded: 1828 (for all intents and purposes)
Interesting Fact: About 46% of all registered voters are Democrats

Okay, it's time to get serious about this election. Barack Hussein Obama has a real shot at winning this thing. So before you turn tail and run to Canada, consider these facts.

Barack has spent almost four years in the US Senate. He's spent two of those years campaigning for the Presidency of these United States. He spent 8 years in the Illinois state senate. That's ten total years of government experience, with a background as a lawyer who graduated magna from Havard Law. Not a bad start, really. He's a Christian (eek! to some of you), and his former pastor's often controversial beliefs have let everyone know this.

Mr Obama gets the nod from American people in terms of his approach to the economy, regulation and trade, health care, the environment, and education. If you make less than $112,000 a year, Obama's tax plan stands to benefit you more than McCain's, but both will put more green in your pocket. Obama tends to follow the maxims of more government oversight, less free trade and a tax system that punishes your success, should you have a great deal of it.

In August, Barack Obama and Joe Biden came to Colorado to celebrate the Democratic National Convention and Barack's acceptance of his party's nomination. My friend Greg and I scored that night. We were standing outside of the convention center when a very attractive woman approached us, smiling. She asked us if we wanted to get inside. We looked at one another before looking back at her, simultaneously asking, "how much?" We were shocked to hear we were in for free.

The party included free alcoholic drinks, swordfish and lamb. Fancy people who donated a lot of money were our peers. I was underdressed. Then I met Joe Biden, and my world changed.

There's no doubt Barack Obama offers change from the current administration. The question isn't even one of whether or not we (the American people) we want another George Bush or not. But Obama offers a distinctly liberal change. In 2007, he had the most liberal voting record in the Senate. While he is eloquent beyond belief, he does not offer much beyond the standard Democratic platform.

In terms of advertising, neither candidate has stuck to their promises to run a "clean" campaign, but Mr Obama - from the perspective of an infrequent TV watcher in Colorado - has said more about what he wants to do and less about how much of a d-bag his opponent is. Regardless of the veracity of either's statements, I like the positivity - or lack of negativity - of Obama's campaign.

Affiliations with former domestic "terrorists" aside, Barry is perfectly capable of lifting both of his arms above shoulder level, which makes it easier to wave without looking awkward. His jowls don't quake and shiver while he walks as if an earthquake is rattling the foundation below his feet, and he won't break the century mark during his term if he is elected President. His VP candidate - my friend - Joe Biden, is not nearly as good looking as Sarah Palin.

The rest of the world wants US to elect Obama. But the rest of the world isn't voting. Come back tomorrow for a brief rundown of McCain.


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