Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Estate

The estate

Domaine Pech Laurier was built over 300 years ago. The original vines were a gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to the Neil family many years ago, or so the story goes. I live in the oldest part of the estate in a room accessed with a ladder and a four-foot step-up. It’s quiet, I have my own bathroom, and I pay no rent. There were also 3 cases of wine for me to drink.

My bedroom

The way up

I don’t know if I’ll get to that wine any time soon, however, because wine is more or less on tap throughout the estate. We have it with lunch and dinner and often during the day. Marie actually puts some of the wine in 5L boxes so that it stays fresh, and that sits at many strategic locations throughout the estate. Wine glasses also proliferate.

A 5-hectare park makes up the area immediately surrounding the estate buildings. There is also a swimming pool, which I used this afternoon. Currently I am sitting outside, drinking white wine under the trees, a nice breeze blows and I have a small armada of dogs for company. Being that I don’t speak French, it’s difficult to tell the dogs “no,” “go away,” “bad,” “good,” “sit,” “stay,” etc. That means we’re best friends. There’s also a cat, but regardless of language, they never seem to listen.

The pool

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