Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Touch and go.

In about an hour, I'll get on a train in new jersey, and 24 hours, 4 trains, 2 planes, a car and no problems later, I'll be in my apartment in France. The last week and a half, however, have been amazing - a great way to spend my last days in the US.

After quitting my job in Denver and traveling around SW colorado for a while, I returned to the front range for a few days. During that time, I was able to see friends, say goodbyes, and eat lots of food.

My plan was to leave denver and drive to omaha, stopping along the way to see grandma, as well as my aunt and uncle. once I arrived in omaha, I spent a lot of time with my nephew, Tre, playing baseball and football and eating candy for breakfast and doing backflips (mostly him). I also saw friends and family and ate a lot more food.

After witnessing a confrontation between a flight attendent and passenger resulting in removal from my plane in Chicago, I landed in Philly on Sunday night to have a couple drinks with marcus. It was a short stay, and after about 12 hours we were headed toward new york city to meet another friend for a couple days in the big apple.

Walking across the brooklyn bridge is the most under-rated NYC activity. When the weather's nice, the views are outstanding, and the architecture unmatched. I recommend anyone visiting the city to make a point of doing this, and to start in Brooklyn working back into manhatten.

I spent the rest of my time in NYC visiting friends and seeing sights, trying to stay out of the heavily touristed areas. I think I did well. I really enjoyed spending time in the West Village, and the art museum, which, despite being filled with more tourists than art, was also excellent. If you're visiting, note the "recommended" admission fee is not required.

I'll try and write more when I get to France, for now, good bye.

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