Sunday, September 10, 2006

Travel time.

My travels went as well as possible. I spent Wednesday night aboard a Scandinavian Airlines plane high above the Atlantic drinking free beer, wine and liquor, enjoying movies on-demand in the headrest in front of me. No one occupied the seat to my left, and on my right was the aisle. That meant I was able to sleep occasionally, but really I just watched movies and played video games.

Train station in Cérberé.

Arriving in Copenhagen, I was disappointed upon realizing I needed to pass through customs. This turned an already tight layover into an exceptionally tight layover, and I almost missed the biggest circus in the sky.

Spanair, most likely similar to it’s inter-European-carrier counterparts, was a zoo on wings. No food or drink for free. Coca-Cola, the eight ounce variety, cost 1.5€. That was the cheapest item on the menu. From there, we ascended through the orally consumable items into the jewelry and perfume items. I think the most expensive flavor was more than 50€. For almost the entire flight, stewardesses bumped and shoved past customers and one another trying to make the most rounds to sell the most crap.

Pech Laurier.

Arriving in Barcelona, I couldn’t be happier to find my way off the plane, through the airport and onto a train to the main train station. From the station, I began many train hours north through Spain and into France, changing trains, meeting annoying Americans, leaving annoying Americans, and eventually arriving in Narbonne Thursday evening. After calling Marie, Yoshi and Ben arrived to shuttle me back to the estate.

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