Tuesday, October 28, 2008

America's Independent Party

Presidential Candidate: Alan Keyes
Vice-Presidential Candidate: Brian Rohrbough
Party Founded: 2008
# of times the candidates have been to AK: 2

For starters, Brian Rohrbough is a Coloradoan, and I do like to "vote local." Second, Keyes ran against and was defeated by one Barack Obama for a Senate seat from the state of Illinois in 2004. Third, he was accused of being a carpetbagger during that election.

Keyes served under R. Reagan during his run through the early and mid-80s as the 16th Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs. His term lasted two years, and relative to our candidates discussed so far, this is by far the greatest body of "real" political experience enjoyed by anyone.

Al, as he is known by his friends, was a Republican for 30 years before showing signs of instability earlier this year. For one month he was affiliated with the Constitution Party. He then shunned those ties for the aforenoted (is that a word? does it really matter?) America's Independent Party.

If I were voting based on websites, Alan Keyes wouldn't get my vote. The America's Independent Party website sucks. I've seen more interesting websites googling home enema kits. The last update was August 21 of this year and there are no pictures. The stale black on white is boring, and my interest was lost before I even had the chance to read what they had to say. And while Mr. Keyes personal website initially appears a bit flashier, the facade is thin, and the invesigative reader will be roundly disappointed.

"America’s Independent Party is being built by Reagan pro-life, pro-family, “Peace through Strength” conservatives who believe that the Republican Party, with the pending nomination of John McCain, has abandoned the principles of Ronald Reagan – particularly the Reagan pro-life platform plank that recognizes the personhood of the unborn and their protection by the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

"The party also opposes John McCain on many other important points, including his opposition to a federal amendment protecting traditional marriage and the natural family; his sponsorship of the McCain/Feingold legislation, which they view as a direct attack on their First Amendment rights to political free speech and grassroots citizen activism; his long-time support for so-called “comprehensive immigration reform,” which they consider to be amnesty; and his support for the global warming agenda, which they believe will destroy our economy and strip us of our national sovereignty if pursued as public policy."

Needless to say, they don't like Barack Obama much, either.

Alan Keyes is and will be 58 when he becomes President next January.

Don't Tread on Me
Alan Keyes

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