Thursday, October 30, 2008

The HeartQuake '08 Party

Presidential Candidate: Jonathan E. Allen
Vice-Presidential Candidate: Jeffery D. Stath
Party Founded: 2008
Note: The solid nod to Det. Andy Sipowicz; short-sleeve button-up shirt with a tie.

I know what you're thinking... just another religious wacko. Stop right there. I started this post thinking the same thing, but I was pleasantly surprised with the professional appearance and performance of the HeartQuake '08 website. Not only does Jonathan Allen seem to have a clue about web design (or more likely, he's smart enough to know better than to try and do it himself), but he seems to have a clue about a few other things as well.

I guess I can start with what Jonathan Allen isn't. He's not a career politician. He makes no reference to attempting to do the will of God. He isn't a socialist, communist, prohibitionist, or any other -ist, except maybe a capitalist. But as I read more from his site, he seems to be a capitalist with a conscience who believes in sound business and personal responsibility (I know this sounds a bit cliche). He's not crazy, has no criminal record, and wasn't born in a foreign country (read: I had a hard time finding anything to make fun of him for, other than the name of his political "party"). He seems to meet the bare minimum criteria to become President of the United States.

"...Jonathan believes that America needs a practical businessman, not a career politician, to lead the nation out of its urgent economic crisis, and that the federal government needs to be managed like a for-profit business with a non-profit mission and a focus upon the American taxpayers as its prime customers.

"We need to restore and nurture a culture of Personal Responsibility again in our nation. In recent years Americans have been taught to demand and scream about their "rights" without any recognition or acknowledgement of their associated responsibilities. As a result, we have created an entitlement culture where many have been taught to believe that the government "owes them" a good life. This "you owe me" mentality is a social cancer that prevents people from taking personal responsibility for their lives, from actively co-participating with government to solve problems, and from nurturing a thankful spirit for governmental assistance when it is provided.

"We need to specially focus upon helping the poor, needy, and underprivileged in meaningful, new ways in our nation. The federal government currently offers them financial assistance and a lifetime of dependence, but no real hope for rising above their current circumstances to achieve and unlock their hopes and dreams. We must find innovative ways to personally encourage and practically assist them in taking personal responsibility for improving their lives so that they can rise above all the obstacles that hinder them and hold them back."

Mr Allen seems to be a business-minded individual who believes in the ability of every man, woman and child to stand up for and make something of themselves. While it may be a bit niave, I like the idea. Jonathan lives on the western slope of Colorado where he has amassed a reputable resume of relevant experience that demonstrates an ability to lead. We share the same first name and state of residence.

"One of our greatest crises of heart is our national arrogance. This prevents us from acknowledging how dysfunctional we really are, forces us to continue living in denial of the seriousness of our problems, and blinds us to the solutions that are present all around us in the world."

Seriously, check this guy out, read through his website - it's linked below.

Jonathan Allen will be 46 next year.

HeartQuake '08 Campaign Homepage


Bryce said...

Shit. I already sent in my ballot.

Matthew Scalf said...

Fritz, you said some great things about Johnathan's website. I am the developer and run a small web company. I was wondering if I could quote your comments on my site. Please contact me at (matt at izoox dot com)

PS: sorry for using your comments to contact you. Please feel free to delete, I just couldn't find another way to contact you.