Sunday, October 26, 2008


Presidential Candidate: Frank Edward McEnulty
Vice-Presidential Candidate: David Mangan
Party Founded: n/a
# of times candidates have been to AK: 13

Frank is actually running under the banner of the New American Independent Party, but on my ballot, he's listed as "unaffiliated." Also, I found that he's running with various vice-presidential candidates; they seem to change based on state (see map here).

"My name is Frank McEnulty and I am pretty much a regular guy. I am married, have two daughters, go to a lot of sporting events that my daughters participate in and am completely and utterly disgusted with both political parties in this country. " So far, so good.

"We do not need to be the world’s policeman. For one thing, most other countries resent it. Second, we aren’t very good at it. We are in places we shouldn’t be and not in places we should be, so let’s not be anywhere unless we are asked and there is a compelling reason for us to be there. If a dictator in Africa is allowing people to hack the arms off of each other, then maybe we have a moral obligation (not the right) to do something to stop it. Beyond that, we shouldn’t be spending all of our money stationing our soldiers all over the world. “Walk softly and carry a big stick” was excellent advice. I propose that we stick to that advice by greatly reducing our presence overseas and focusing our attention on the defense of our country."

On flag burning:
"I don't think flag burning is an issue that requires a Constitutional amendment for the simple reason that if no one got overly excited about it, then it wouldn't be any big deal to do it. Flag burners are like little children trying to do something bad to get their parents' attention. If a parent ignores the behavior, the child stops. Same with flag burning. Aren't there more important things to worry about than whether or not someone burns a flag now and then?"

Frank is here ----->

I don't know if this guy is for real, but if he is, he might be the early favorite.

Frank is 52.

Frank for President indeed

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