Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Objectivist Party

Presidential Candidate: Thomas Robert Stevens
Vice-Presidential Candidate: Alden Link
Founded: 2 Feb 2008
# of times candidates visited Alaska: unknown

These guys are from the New York area and like Ayn Rand. Their party "platform" page consists mostly of quotes from her books (which does make sense...although Rand allegedly opposed formation of political parties based on the ideals of her works), sprinkled with others from authoritative sources such as the musical Les Miserables. I enjoy their selected quotes, but I'm unsure whether or not I want to vote for a party too lazy to "put it into their own words." C'mon, you could really do better than quote someone else when explaining your platform to the masses. But I digress.

So what do they like?

America's founding ideal was the principle of individual rights. Political freedom and capitalism follow. Police protect from inside aggression, the army from outside aggression, and the courts protect from fraud and breach of contract. Live and let live, but don't be a bitch. Fight back only when someone starts shit with you first.

Objectivist Party Homepage
Objectivist Party Facebook page

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