Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Socialist Workers Party

Presidential Candidate: James Harris
Vice-Presidential Candidate: Alyson Kennedy
Party Founded: 1938
# of times the candidate has been convicted of a felony: 1

John McCain has received a great deal of press because he selected a female for his vice-Presidential running mate. James Harris is just as progressive, yet we don't hear quite as much noise from the media on this one. Could it be that Alyson Kennedy just doesn't have the "naughty librarian" feel of Sarah Palin? (She doesn't.) Or could it be that she knows too much: She recently "completed a fact-finding trip to Edinburgh, Scotland; London, England; and Stockholm, Sweden, meeting with workers, youth and immigrants." That would give her the edge in foreign policy experience, although I couldn't find out whether or not she'd ever visited Alaska.

Calero has a few other issues that may prevent him from being elected - or at least accepting the position of President - should he win the popular and electoral votes on November 4. First, he's been convicted of a felony for selling marijuana. Second, he's not a natural-born citizen (how do these people get on the ballot?). And finally, he's a freakin' commie!

But in all seriousness, Calero's party has been around for much longer than any of the ones we've discussed so far. The SWP was founded in the 1930s and has fielded candidates for President in each of the last 15 elections, dating from 1948.

"Under the lash of the bosses’ profit drive, our labor ends up not transforming nature to the betterment of humanity, but poisoning the air, soil, and water on which society depends. Protectionist aggression among capitalist powers—and more so against the semicolonial world—rears its bellicose head.

"As capitalists plead poverty to rationalize their disregard for the welfare, health, and safety of workers and the public, the socialist campaign demands an end to business secrets. Open the books! Let’s find out! Nationalize the energy industry, including the coal mines, and run it under workers control to enforce job safety, halt pollution of the environment, and make energy safe and affordable.

"We must establish a workers and farmers government that can abolish capitalism, reorganize society in the interests of the vast majority, and join in the world struggle for socialism."

Hmmm, so we're pitching communism. Let's take a look at a list of current communist/socialist states in the world today:

People's Republic of China,
Republic of Cuba
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (yeah, that would be North Korea)
Socialist Republic of Vietnam

And now countries that have collapsed under or fought to end communism during the last 40 years... (list not complete):

The USSR (Russia and newly created states coming out of that breakup)
East Germany
all of the former Yugoslav Republics

Out of the two lists, which one has more examples of places you'd like to live?

And dont pitch that old song about Cuba's medical care. If it was so great, Cuban athletes, professionals and anyone else capable of stringing together a shitty raft made of empty milk jugs wouldn't be trying to come to America. Defecting at an international sporting event doesn't exactly speak volumes about your living situation, and taking your chances floating across the ocean in hopes of hitting Florida (seriously, if Florida is looking good, it must really suck in Cuba) sounds more like a death wish. But if you think taking that chance is better than continuing to live in your home country, who am I to tell you to stay.

Roger will be 39 in January.

Vote Socialist Workers!

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