Saturday, October 25, 2008


Presidential Candidate: Ralph Nader
Vice-Presidential Candidate: Matt Gonzalez
Party Founded: n/a
# of times candidates have visited Alaska: Did the Corvair ever make it to AK?

Former Green Party candidate Ralph Nader and running mate Matt "the hammer" Gonzalez bring a unique and multi-cultural ticket to this year's Presidential Election. Nader hails from Lebanon, which is also where world-renowned actor Keanu Reeves was born. Point Break is my friend Greg's favorite movie.

Nader and Gonzalez believe...
"After more than 300 years of de facto affirmative action to benefit white males, we definitely need affirmative action for people of color and women to offset enduring historic wrongs as well as present day inequalities."


"The plight of the Tibetan people is one of the great human rights tragedies of the Twentieth Century. The Chinese government has brutally oppressed the people of Tibet and engaged in a conscious campaign to wipe out traditional Tibetan culture. "


"Nader/Gonzalez propose a rapid withdrawal of troops from Iraq. A target of withdrawing troops in six months will be set. The war is costing taxpayers nearly $4,600 every second — and that doesn’t include the long-term reconstruction costs."


"The state of health care in the United States is a disgrace. For millions of Americans it is a struggle between life, health and money. The Nader Campaign supports a single-payer health care plan that replaces for-profit, investor-owned health care and removes the private health insurance industry (full Medicare for all)."

Nader is and would be 74 years old when he is sworn in as the next President.

Ralph Nader's website

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